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This Bundle Contains

Chios Gold Beauty Box

Discounted Christmas Offer – Fatty Boom (100ml), Lipodermique Slimming Cream (300ml), Something Wild in Emporios (300ml) and Slim Serum (100ml)


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This Bundle Contains

Fatty Boom
Slimming oil against cellulite and local thickness with red seaweed and mastic oil. Its composition is enriched with active ingredients such as HotFlux and capsaicin where they create a burning sensation in the skin, stimulate blood microcirculation and cause targeted fat dissolution and reduction of accumulated fat from the very first applications!
Red seaweed and Mastic reduce the accumulation of fat and fluids with the final result of reducing the local thickness. With regular use of Lipodermique and systematic nutritional treatment, the first impressive results are visible from the very first week. Instructions for use: Apply a thin film of cream to the problem areas, with gentle circular motions until the cream is absorbed.

Lipodermique Cream
The ultimate cream against cellulite and local thickness. Our scientific laboratories have created a unique composition, enriched with active ingredients that act effectively in areas where there is accumulation of fat and cellulite.

Slim Serum
Is ideal when intensive action and efficiency is needed to firm up saggy areas (thighs, decollate, abdomen etc). Expected results: • Liposvelte Cream-Serum is ideal when intensive action and efficiency is needed to firm up saggy areas (thighs, decollete, abdomen etc). • Escin is a natural plant agent derived from horse-chestnuts; combined with tripeptides, it firms skin, activating elastin and collagen production • Cocoa which is rich in theobromine, combined with horsechestnut extracts, boosts skin firmness.

Something Wild in Emporios Body Polisher
A unique renewal proposal for your body. With a composition enriched with lava, rich in olive oil, almond oil and grains of perlite and salt.
About Mastic

The origins of our ingredients


Chios Mastiha is the name of a resinous sap produced from the mastic tree. It is a natural, aromatic resin in teardrop
shape, falling on the ground in drops.

Mastic has been recognized since ancient times both for its distinctive aroma and its healing properties. It has been recorded as the first natural chewing gum in the ancient world.


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